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God, Atheists, and EI

Hello dear sick friend,

Let’s hope this is the last phase of your illness. Maybe mint tea (no opium available at Mo Mo’s as far as I know) will work miracles.

On the subject of miracles, Wayne Dyer was the keynote speaker the Conference called You Can Do itI have to say that the set up resembled a cross between A Billy Graham Rally and The Oprah Show: thousands of people filling the Convention Centre, a large banner with a lotus on it and the words You Can Do It scrawled across it, two mega screens set up above the stage, and tons of book for sale. The audience was mostly white middle-class women (many tanned for some reason – perhaps they came in on Tour buses) cooing and awing every time Dyer said anything remotely funny or touching.  

The overall effect was so staged and Dyer repeated the fact that he would no longer be doing the circuit. He spoke mainly of his book, SHIFT, and the movie of the same name, (don’t think I could stand seeing it). He reiterated that he is at a new stage in his life, a higher level, (aren’t those MY words?)  He just turned 70, so obviously he would be at a new stage in life. He spoke of GOD and MIRACLES, a little too often for an atheist like myself. Also, he spoke of his depression following a separation from his wife. Then he revealed that he has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. My friend and I looked at each other and I’m sure we were both thinking the same selfish thought. What hope is there for the rest of us? It does make you wonder.

Following that revelation, he called his doctor on stage: a slim, blonde, white beauty! Oh yeah. And then he called his daughter on stage: a slim, brown-haired, white beauty! Oh yeah. She sang a song she had written for her dad, her ‘wonderful father ‘ and that’s when we left. Been there. Done that. Just read his books. We did enjoy the hype for a while, and both agreed that maybe we are wrong and that it might just be fun to be a tanned airhead, cooing at a boyish seventy-year-old Maui Guru.  

Apropos boys and gurus, I did get an email from Eddy and he won’t be going back to the class. He says it’s just not for him and he’ll stick to athletic combat … harder on the body, but easier on the psyche (his words). He said he’d love to have dinner some time. 

That won’t happen. Too much going on right now … I’ve seen the light … I’m on a higher plane …  

 No, Adria, I certainly never expected an award. Even the smallest of compliments from administrators are greeted with cynicism. They are good at complimenting the whole staff as one  … you did a great job today … we are grateful for all your hard work …  but the words ring hollow; there is no sincerity. Interesting isn’t it? Perhaps when training future principals and vice-principals the area of Emotional Intelligence should be addressed. Just a quick browse on revealed this:  

Emotional intelligence accounts for more than 85% of star performance in top leaders - we find that most of the characteristics that differentiate the outstanding performers are these things that we call social and emotional competencies. Richard Boyatzis, 2008.

It’s well understood that emotional intelligence (EI) – the ability to bring out the best in others and ourselves – is a crucial part of a leader’s repertoire. And our work with organizations shows that EI can make the difference between a highly effective and an average professional contributor. The good news is that EI can be developed.

Perhaps, if I do accept the position in the UAE, I’ll make a point of addressing Emotional Intelligence in the Teacher Training that I will be doing. More on that later. 

Tomorrow at Mo Mo’s.  


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