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Freud and Feral Cats

Hi Sarah,

First off, I had a strong reaction to your nun and pointed headdress excerpt! Your setting is all too familiar to my school days but, contrary to you, I encountered so much kindness from these dedicated holy ladies. I know that not everyone did, as my youngest sister’s experiences seem to run completely counter to mine. Strong writing Sarah. I felt sorry for the nun you describe and sense the bitterness and secret disappointments of her life. Such misplaced loyalties and misconceptions about ‘the faith’. I love the rattling window. I was there in that room with you. Bravo!

So I'm dying to hear what's happening with that job proposal for the Emirates? Are you still as serious about Dubai as you were? And if J. is getting married the day after you'd start, how would that work? I feel as if I'm totally out of the loop with all our energy having been focused on nursing ourselves back to health. And how was Wayne Dyer today? You still OK for Mo Mo's tomorrow at 2? I love their mint tea in those tall slender glasses where you can see all the swirly leaves. That earthy green smell with every sip …ahh.

Second off, I have to say that my first response to your lovely poppies in the last email was a little alarmist. I figured you thought maybe I needed opium. Not a bad idea, the way I was feeling.

Thirdly, I am about to shed some light on the possible reason for the slant that the class took a few weeks ago. If I had not run into Francine in Little India (of all places) I would never have understood but now can actually begin to put two and two together. 

At Coxwell and Gerrard I was waiting to cross over to a nice warm roasted corn stand when we literally crashed into one another. I got a genuine hug and immediately a very believable explanation for the fiasco when she’d let’er rip and somehow upset Sherry. Apparently it all had something to do with the state of her cat who had become suddenly, weirdly estranged from her and will no longer accept human food. The cat is now resisting physical contact, has taken to vigorously chasing its tail from time to time and goes on the prowl at night for mice and other nocturnal delicacies. There must, no doubt, be a slew of tiny carcasses left in and around the garden—half chewed rats and such. Eeeewwww! No more Whiskas for this cat! I gave her my best bear hug back (in view of the estrangement) and said not to stew about it and that the evening added new dimensions to my literary education. I somehow think there has to be a Freudian connection between the estrangement and the choice of erotic readings. I just feel it. No. I know it. I believe it’s called Erotic Transference (Psych 101). I always believed that cats really are never domesticated. Just look into their eyes.

Your account of VP Witch-Bitch leaves me cold, never mind 'the body being already cold'. I do agree about keeping your distance. It's the easiest strategy for you at this point now that the deed is coming to fruition. Unfortunately the old adage you are replaceable is not remote at all when you really contemplate those words. There are experts galore out there. We know that don't we?! What do we expect? A reward? We'll talk. I have stories myself about certain events at St.Hildegarde that I couldn't possibly print in an email. It's my little darlings that are my reward. Here's Candy's latest gem: Oh, look Miss Van Gelder, there's the word 'but' right under the note. B. Oh dear I said. Her demure look belied the sure fire response: not that kind of a butt. Giggle giggle. So very sweet and so very bright.            



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