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Of so many things...

Hi Adria, 

Wow and Wow! I’ve been thinking about what happened in class last Monday! And I couldn’t make it this evening, because I got home much too late last night from Montreal. NO assignment done. NO corrections done. That’s one thing I am truly looking forward to – Sunday nights when I don’t get that sinking feeling about the next day.

Like you said, there was something really wrong with F. last week. Eddy emailed me today and said he was not sure about returning to the class. Apparently F. has been emailing him almost every day. She sends him articles, bits of stories and recently has been talking more about herself. He was careful about what he wrote, which I think is in his favour. I asked him how he responds and he said he only responds to the material she sends and not to anything personal. She was so hyper and angry last week. When she told us to shh – I think she was about to tell us to Shut Up. We had only made one comment, which is pretty good for us. Maybe we should make more of an effort. Let’s see if she’d like to have dinner with us.

Montreal was strange. For one thing it snowed on Sunday! And on Saturday evening we

(D. came with me - see below) went to L’Auberge Le Vieux St. Gabriel in Old Montreal for a lovely dinner. That is where we had our wedding reception – oh so long ago. The original structure is still the same, of course, hundreds of years old. I don’t know if it was the mixture of bad weather, plus the whole idea of the passage of time and all the people that are no longer around, but I just couldn’t conjure up that old Montreal magic. Something was definitely missing. To be truly honest, it probably has to do with the self-induced stress regarding this job proposal. They actually sent me a contract and all kinds of documents. Here’s an excerpt from their website. Don’t you love the term up-skill? So, technically, I’d be mentoring teachers.

Teacher Training
We up-skill teachers and managers in the education sector.
We provide professional development opportunities to teachers and education leaders on a national basis. Our coaching and mentoring is specifically tailored to the individual within the context of their development needs.

So Dan took Friday off also and we drove to Ottawa, to the Ministry of External Affairs to have my degrees legalized and then to the United Arab Emirates Embassy for info. 

(talk about security) and then to Montreal to Concordia and McGill to order transcripts. And all the time I’m asking myself why I’m not booking a cruise instead. Isn’t this what normal retirees do? Anyway, unless I get more answers from the potential employer (Brits like Hong Kong), I won’t go ahead. It’s as if I get caught up in a whirlwind and can’t stop. The job would start the 22nd of August! But my son gets married on the 21st!   

I’d love to borrow Queen of the TambourinesDid you begin reading Cutting for Stone? Have you checked for the Dwayne Dyer event? It seems as if we haven’t talked in such a long time. I’m eager to hear about your weekend and your feet. That sounds strange, but you know what I mean. 

I can’t wait to get your report on the continuing saga of Francine’s Fearful Writers’ Workshop. 


P.S.  I bet you wish you had your lisle stockings and cotton bloomers for this crazy May weather.

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