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Potty Mouthed Girls

Hi Adria,

I know I already apologized for not getting to your piece on Sunday. Then I deliberately didn’t want to say anything about it in class, so I could send this to you without having anyone respond. Some of the comments are so asinine:  If I were you I’d change this. You’re not F!@#$%^ me, so shut up. That’s what I wanted to say to Sherry. And drop the ATTITUDE, Miss F. You’re the coach not the bloody enemy. As we discussed, she was annoyed because you didn’t do ‘true’ memoir. But what does that mean? It was true enough to most of us in class.  Luckily the course is coming to an end, or there might be a real crime to solve.

Yes, you do have it in your realm to swear, and so do I. I wonder if most of us do. It used to really bug me, and still does, when people label me one way or another: Oh I never thought you’d say that

Getting back to your writing, I really enjoyed reading Chariots and Cherry Orchards. It felt controlled; you, the writer, were in control, driving from bus to car to car. A few people mentioned the great imagery: the broken mirror, like a broken neck, a very precise simile, yet a metaphor for ‘them.’ One more comment, keeping the car metaphor going, you went from fucker to bugger. Wouldn’t it be more fun to get all revved up and build on bugger to fucker (keep asshole in the middle)? 

Oh, all these puns and double entendres. We are bad, Adria.

Zoom Zoom Sarah

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