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Long live all maidens

easy and beautiful !

Long live mature women also,

Tender and loveable and full of good labor. 

Gaudeamus Igitur

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Easy ... or Mature?

Hi Sarah,

Here we are on March Break (two weeks for private schools). I’ve been overwhelmed with student assessments and exam applications for Conservatory exams in June … plus the extra rehearsals for this weekend's choir performance (Victoria’s Tenebrae for Good Friday). I feel like I’m hardly ever home. But spring is in the air! Tulip tips are pushing through already and the benches on Hildegarde’s grounds are sun-warmed just enough for me to sit on them, indulge in Moore’s Gate at the Stairs, and get my mandatory 15 minutes of daily vitamin D. Talk about multi-tasking.

So Mr. Eddy showed up at our class, eh. Very impressive. His hair reminds me of a customer I saw a few days ago at Vincent’s 2, Oakville’s upscale barbershop (I was putting up posters for St. Hildegarde's Spring Concert). I heard him say to the barber, "Cut my hair so I look like money!" and then they discussed the previous customer at length, who apparently looked like money. I pictured a dollar sign in a forest of goopy spiked hair. Eddy does have that aura about him, not quite a playboy, classier ... and those smooth peachy cheeks (on his face!) look like those of an uber-comfortable orthodontist. I'll bet he skis. 

I guess we didn't exist for F. on Monday. She didn’t seem to acknowledge our Gardam quotes that we brought in for the assignment. Did you notice that? Maybe they were a little on the tame side for her. But Eddy’s line was apparently a winner: something about the old felonious crackling in his groin. And it was from Wells Tower, not even a favourite of hers. Her superlatives were over the top, I thought … uhhh, wow, yeah, Eddy, that’s quite a line you’ve picked. Barf, barf. She’s a flirt! And then Eddy’s sheepish grin, like a schoolboy infatuated with his teacher. Ok I’m being bad. I promised myself not to do that anymore. I'm practising being more compassionate for Lent.

What is it with these men and their groins? My mundane domestic life brightens on occasion as it did at breakfast this morning. Carlo to me: There's a piece of cheese on your crotch. More a reference to my sloppy tendencies than to anything vaguely erotic.

On matters more ethereal ... my fellow countryman, Anton Pieck, will have his art displayed at the AGO this March Break for a limited showing. I love his watercolours and depictions of small Netherlandic villages. Very appropriate for an afternoon out with Francis (finally … I've had long enough to think about this and yet ... I have butterflies).

I think I’ve told you how he lived in the nearby village of Os when I lived in Eindhoven. Both of us were the same age and who knows, taking part in the same May processions that honoured the Virgin Mary. Sunday, March 14, at 2 it will be then, for coffee in their restaurant followed by the exhibit in the gallery. 

OK to send you part of my Memoir, the piece for next Monday? It focuses on my early childhood and how church was just so central to family life. 

Here's to us:

Long live all maidens 

Easy and beautiful! 

Long live mature women also,

Tender and loveable

And full of good labor.


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