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The Newly Dead and Nearly Dead


I’m still wondering why Francine asked Eddie to stay after class. Let’s see if she keeps glancing at him again this week. Is she going for the jugular or the lower extremities? 

I’ve been doing my morning Meditation Practice and I always start off by visualizing my Spirit Guides which I consider to be my Mother, my Grandmother and of course, now, Aunt M (I don’t include any dead in-laws – not very inclusive is it?). And it’s so strange that M leads the trio. I see her head only, just as she appears on the bookmark given out at her Memorial. I could swear I hear her say, ”I am the Newly Dead so I go first.” Then she smiles and leads the way. She was never a leader and perhaps death has given her new confidence. It seems a rather drastic way to gain self-esteem, don’t you think?  She must be having the last laugh as she was so unhappy on earth and I’m sure she thought every one else was blissfully content. I do wonder what the dead see, if anything. 

You asked about the Osteoporosis Clinic. It seemed surreal to me. The visit lasted 3 hours. I got to speak with a dietician, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a clinical nurse and a physician. But much of what they said, other than the physician, I already knew. The physician read my bone density x-ray and showed it to me and told me where I was on the scale: a good candidate for a fracture. How about a good candidate for something more prestigious than a fracture? Not sure if it’s because I really don’t want to hear any of this and am still in denial; I was there in the flesh but not in spirit. 

I keep asking myself, if this is how it all begins? One new pill prescribed at every doctor’s visit and then you end up taking 10 to 12 a day. I can still see M’s pills lined up like pastel coloured sentinels next to her cereal bowl. And then the constant, “ Oh what time is it? I have to take my other pill. I need water. Oh, I have to pee. My pills make me pee.” She was so serious about them, as if the pills were badges of honour. There was no dismay or questioning at the ingestion of all these chemicals. 

I have to say that the café at Koerner Hall is a great find. I dropped by this week with a friend from school and it was so quiet and full of light. So, maybe that can be our meeting place from now on. If you agree I’ll meet you there at 6 on Monday. 

I just have a few more touch ups to do on Opera Lady and will send it soon. (Promises. Promises.)  


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