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A Tad Sad

Hi Sarah

Thank you for the spring bouquet!

You did it! You are so brave! … a bittersweet act to contemplate and then to actually carry out.  No one can know how conflicting this can be except the person who is doing it. You must be feeling a tad sad right now. And yet … elation! Congratulations!

I am deep into some kitchen cupboards, trying to spruce them up and my preoccupation at the moment does not come close to your aesthetic thoughts of tulips. I feel as if I need to break out of winter and its accompanying, sometimes melancholy garment, which I need to shed. So what do I do? I start to houseclean. Our mothers did that. But I don't even come close to what they did. I eventually seem to find other stuff to do ... like the writing, clothes organizing for the new season or emailing an aunt or cousin (as I did this morning). Needless to say, there’s always the endless preparation for the next day’s lessons.

Just a tad sad myself when the weather jerks us around like that. Domestic debates this morning about "my" Pope, “my dear Benedict”. I wish the church would get its act together. I really don't like the confrontation.

I see brightness when I look up through my tiny computer room window. The sun may yet come out. 

I plan to work on Monday's assignment and will hopefully send you another selection at some point.


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