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Is That All There Is?

Hi Adria, 

It’s been a while. I’ve missed your usual prompt and insightful answers to questions about: The concert? Angéle Dubeau? Compassion? Your two men? And why it is that men our age have “smooth peachy cheeks” and look likeuber-comfortable orthodontists,” while we get wrinkled and look like candy-apple dolls? 

It is, as you said, good to have a break from Francine for two weeks, but I loved her lecture last week on The Year of Magical Thinking. A superb memoir and probably one Didion wishes she never had to write. I’m eager to see the play at the Tarragon next season.  

And now – drum roll please – for a fortuitous moment and proof that life is stranger than fiction. I bumped into Eddy on Friday. He was coming out of Book City. (Much better than coming out of the Brunswick House.) He looked slightly older at three o’clock in the afternoon (I’m almost happy to report) than he does in the evenings. I guess that’s why early evening is considered the magic hour in films, as the light is most forgiving at that time. 

I asked him what he was doing in the area and he said he had clients in the Annex. Did I tell you he sells commercial real estate? Edward The Salesman. Edifying, right? I’m afraid he will have to remain Eddy for a while. I’m being snooty (as my mother used to say). He asked if I wanted to go for a drink or something. I told him I had to get groceries. Why do men always have time for a drink? Am I being unfair? Or am I just a coward and afraid of … or something. No need to respond to these rhetorical questions that will simply float eternally through cyberspace.  

Seriously thinking about the whole concept of Marriage and Monogamy after hearing a few memorable exchanges this week. First there was a song (referring to relationships) in a movie that goes something like this: the beginning is good, the ending is emotional and the middle is numbing. Two characters then proceed to discuss regret and lives not lived, presumably blaming their spouses. Depressing. The next day, one of the teachers at school mentions that he hates March Break because ‘The Wife’ starts nagging about getting the house ‘spruced up’. Without missing a beat, one of the young teachers throws this question at him: If you had to do it again would you get married? Silence. He just takes a huge bite out of his sandwich. Then from the most conservative person on staff comes this gem: I’m not sure if I’d get married again, but I’m damn sure that if I did it wouldn’t be to the same man. More silence. And off we went to teach our next class.

I am having such difficulty deciding what piece of writing to send you. A story (I even have a title), The Women of the Morning, has been playing around in my mind for quite a while. I also want to blend fiction and memoir, otherwise known as lying. By the time I email you again, I will have made a firm decision on this. I hope. How’s that for firm decision making?  

Since we are not getting together until later in the week, I’m looking forward to some responses before then.


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