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Long live all maidens

easy and beautiful !

Long live mature women also,

Tender and loveable and full of good labor. 

Gaudeamus Igitur

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Gaudeamus Igitur

 Hi Adria, 

I started writing this when I got home on Monday, but here we are Friday and I’m just completing it. By the way, I’ve never been coy and it’s too late to start now. Just having some fun. So let us rejoice as the song says I love listening to Gaudeamus Igitur, but now that I’m trying to remember the words and dissecting it line by line, it’s actually depressing:

Let us therefore rejoice, 

While we are young;

After our youth,

After a troublesome old age

The ground will hold us.


Our life is brief,

It will shortly end;

Death comes quickly,

Cruelly snatches us;

No-one is spared.

ENOUGH! It’s better as an old drinking song than a poem. Maybe Dan and I should belt it out at the bar tonight as we watch the game - Canadians vs. Slovakia - while shamelessly feasting on wings and poutine. NOT the food of Champions. What gorgeous specimens the Olympic athletes are! All genetically perfect: gleaming teeth, flawless skin, super bodies. I’ve never enjoyed The Games as much as I have these - even with the sentimentality and the overdone ‘owning the podium’, and the ubiquitous ‘I believe’ and red mittens (D. wears his everywhere ... oh so funny.)  It’s amazing to hear the stories of parents and grandparents who were also Olympians at one time.  

Let’s get to Monday’s class. Heat and Tension. Tension and Heat. I thought that Mark was about to tell F to fuck off and that Susan was going to walk out. It’s surprising that Francine has never learned to discipline herself; she can’t hide her displeasure at how unpropitious we are. (her opinion). I hope I’m not as obvious as she is at showing my disappointment with certain classes. It’s a good thing that Mark is leaving for Vancouver and will probably not be back. I wonder if this will be an opportunity for Edward (as I said Monday, he’s been upgraded once again) to take his place. Wait until F gets a look at daddy. He’ll melt her Ice-Queen façade. Now tell me, Adria, isn’t this better than fiction?

Am looking forward to the play on Sunday.


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