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Putting a Finger on it

Oh Sarah! 


You were in his Male-Mobile!! Love it! I'm still laughing out loud. How in God's name did this happen to you ... and so fast? Sex appeal, of course. (Do they still call it that?) I like the term "hot" better (even horny is passé, I think) or, looking to get laid, maybe ... see, I'm no good with this (too much proper deportment with the nuns). Is he married? Are you married? Just kidding. And all because of baby Markie. Keep me posted and don't leave anything out. Promise.

 Do you see how fortunate we are though: to be able to dream and plan and love (life, I mean)? And yet always that hankering for something you can't place your finger on. (Maybe you will place your finger on it very soon.) Whatever possesses us? Remember that brash chicky at Prince Arthur's sunning herself in the noonday heat last weekend and how you wrote me about no more shorts for you, about your scarves (and not just for warmth) and about illusions and good skin? Well, at least you don't make a fool of yourself, although I think you look fantastic Sarah! (No need for all this covering up). Why else would Edward the Great (great title!) be interested in you? Myself, I tend to wear things tight (sometimes too tight, I have been told) and say to hell and buy skinny Vitamina jeans from Italy on the off chance that I may grow into them by summer … just give me another couple of months. Who am I kidding?! Who wants to see chicken legs descending from a thick middle like a SpongeBob. See, there I go again. This is not liberation in the slightest. Even men have their vain moments (of course): Carlo preening in the mirror ... look at that monkey face!  I just have to send you this quote from Lorrie Moore's A Gate at the Stairs:

 "I had a young girl's belief that this kind of negative aging would never happen to me. Death would happen to me - I knew this from reading British poetry. But the drying, hunching, blanching, hobbling, fading, fattening, thinning, slowing? I would just not let those things happen to moi."

OK. Amen to all that.

No. I have never yet read the Ode to Moira and should really have addressed it to both her and Catherine, as it is the legacy for both of them. It seems that my sisters and I have always had a morbid (?) fascination with our family's roots. Who knows really how the anthropologist is related. I would love to pursue it.

By the way, I accepted F's kind invitation to enjoy a glass of wine at her home to talk books and "shoot the breeze" (a bit of a sixties expression). Why not, I thought when she asked me after class on Monday. I sat back on her cracked and dignified red leather sofa (that had a lot of history in it) slinging back the vino at a much faster rate than I could handle, talking parabens and tumours, and the miracle of laser skin resurfacing. The unsolicited revelations that poured out (from both of us) were most likely the result of too much Château Neuf du Pape (yes, it's her favourite) or maybe it was a case of sympathetic ears. I do believe I have put a finger on the monster that lurks in the shadows. She lined the wine glasses up more than once and rewashed them numerous times while talking, and continued to rub them dry till I felt like telling (yelling) her politely they should be shiny by now. It must be a nightmare. All that uber- perfectionism! She recommended a book titled, Here’s the Deal Don’t Touch Me by Howie Mandel. That could be helpful to my CAMH course.

I want to visit Franklin. Let me know what's a good day. Fridays are open for me. There's more controversial art to see in the halls of St. Hildegarde's. Maybe you can make it to the spring concert. Will I get to see your Spanish students? It's heartbreaking what power peer pressure can have. How very precious those early morning kissing and hand shaking rituals you described. Not 'Canadjun' eh? That's for sure. Although we do have our definitive meaningful gestures here too ... if you watched Jon Montgomery win gold in the men's skeleton last night.

See ya' Monday        


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