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Long live mature women also,

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Of Ancestors and Charmers

You say that you love life, Adria. Sweet. I won’t hold that against you! Thanks for your little pep talk. I’ve read all that stuff on Baby Boomers and their/my reluctance or inability to face the process of aging – forget gracefully (SIC). And I’m right in there: face, neck, hands and I don’t like it, no matter how shallow it sounds. Vanity thy name is woman. So many friends say don’t think about it, just ignore aging. Is that supposed to be a philosophy of life that I want to adopt? 

I guess that responding to your email and Ode to Ancestors is a moot point since you read it in class. I meant to ask you though, but there were so many other questions, has Moira actually read the Ode? (Yes, you will have to change the names soon). If so, was she impressed? Overwhelmed? Indifferent? I can’t believe how much you know about your ancestors. I think that was the overall sentiment from everyone in class, except for F., who seems to know the smallest details about everyone in her family as well. Did you research this out of Interest? Pride? Humility?

It’s surprising that the Tangs gave you ‘lie see’, considering that you are married. It probably had more to do with bonuses that are paid out at this time of year in Hong Kong. And I mean big bonuses. Not sure how the recession has affected this tradition. Speaking of Hong Kong (again), I’ve already finished The Man in the Wooden Hat. I loved how all the little questions and mysteries left unanswered in FILTH become motifs that are skillfully threaded throughout this story with impeccable attention to detail and craft. Then the coup de grace is how Gardam blends the endings of both books into one. Quite a feat.

All this talk of Hong Kong has me really edgy and restless. This longing for something new and grand always takes hold (it did the last three times) just before I decide to leave everything and go to Asia. Now I’m thinking that maybe I could be ready for an adventure by next winter. So: leave teaching (in TO) in June, J. gets married in Aug., sell the house or rent it out – and off I/we go for a year or so. Just one more time. 
Oops – I got sidetracked and went to look at sites for job postings, but I don’t think I want to do a stint in another international school. They are such serious places with high expectations where every one has to be super motivated. Think I’ve had enough of that.

Strange, though, I have a sweet class of ESL students right here. Some are so innocent. The Spanish kids, no matter how late they are, walk into the class and proceed with their morning greetings. The boys kiss all the girls on both cheeks and shake hands with all the guys!  I remind them of the time, but this lovely civilized ritual always impresses me and I too often ignore the infraction. So many kids lean on their desks and sigh and text and argue about removing their caps during the national anthem. So I ask, which behaviour is worse? It breaks my heart to see how quickly some new students pick up these bad habits.

I did buy the tickets for Robertson Davies - The Peeled I (not sure what it means) and will call to book the Irish Players – Factory Girls.  We are lucky to have so much live theatre to choose from. I always look forward to weekends when I have tickets to an event. 

I’ve been saving the best for last. Are you ready? After I said a quick good-bye to you on Monday, I started walking up Church to the subway when a car pulled up. I recognized the face and deep voice.Yes, it was Mark’s dad, whose name, by the way is Edward (The Great?). He offered to drive me home as they (he and Mark) live in Bloor West Village. At first I resisted, but finally got into the cologne-scented-black-leather-interior-Male-Mobile. He drove me to the front door. Ah! Chaaarrrmming Man. He said ‘we must all go for a drink soon’. How about now? No! I did not say that, just thought it.  Acting like a schoolgirl, I know, but it’s so ... liberating.

La Petite Sarah  - Name to be explained

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