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Long live all maidens

easy and beautiful !

Long live mature women also,

Tender and loveable and full of good labor. 

Gaudeamus Igitur

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Thus begins the new year …

Well, Adria, now that’s what I call dissecting an evening! Don’t have time to respond at the moment. In fact, I’ll have to reread all those details a few more times before doing so.  I will also read your story and will comment on it for you. I’m sad to say that my Aunt M passed away this morning. So I’m getting ready to go to Montreal tomorrow. Not sure if I can make Monday’s class and may have to miss the ongoing protean drama/s. I will also have a pile of exams to correct when I get back.
Thus begins 2010:  Aunt’s funeral, Baby C’s christening, Jess’s wedding. The cycle continues.


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