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Something More Authentic

Hi Sarah,
It's late and I just came home from dinner at daughter Catherine and Kurt's place. Korean BBQ strips, spiced and unspiced. Delicious. Such great cooks, those two.
So I just found Francine's email about the change in venue. Not surprising. Kamasutra is not authentic enough I gather from the email, bad reviews, etc. Bombay Palace on Jarvis is actually closer for me and easier for parking. I went on-line to check it out and am sending you the 15% off coupon to print up. The restaurant looks good and I see everyone has replied (that was quick) and is in agreement. Picky, picky but probably well worth the change.
Call me on my cell when you're done at the dentist and I'll pick you up since I'm working late anyway. I’m familiar with the area and don't mind swinging by. It's supposed to rain. Hope your mouth won't be too numb. At least you’re allowed to drink for the first hour. Since there will be more talking than eating … let’s try to get some one-on-one before the horde arrives


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