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Dinner At Kamasutra

Hi Adria,
I know that you’re busy with the Dutch family project, so this will be short. Is project the correct word for what you are doing? Looking forward to discussing it with you. 
I doubt that we’ll be able to talk much tomorrow evening with everyone around and F probably monopolizing the conversation. By the way, I don’t agree with you about F having a hold on everyone. I think we simply tolerate her because the whole thing is fun  (who doesn’t enjoy seeing a teacher have a tantrum?) and there’s always a good chance that something unexpected will happen – the power of the unknown. You may be correct about Writer’s Block though. I know about that one. 

I keep meaning to ask if you’ve started reading Hempel.  Curious to know what you think.
I was hoping I could take you up on your offer of a lift to the restaurant, but just checked 
and my dental appointment is tomorrow after school and not Tuesday. So I’ll meet you there. Too bad. We could have had a few drinks ahead of time to fortify ourselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark doesn’t show up. Pretty fragile ego at that age.


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