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Long live mature women also,

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True Colours 

Pat something?!

 OK Sarah, you are getting waaay out of line! Probably F.'s influence at work. I saw the crimson go from your neck right up into your face like a rising thermometer. So was it because of what you were thinking … about patting him somewhere?  I know what you mean though. That mystified look on his face, are you for real?  It was like in the movies where the interrogator hands the suspect a cigarette … hey buddy … and in the next instance knees him in the groin. I guess it pains her to give credit where credit is due.  

She's got this powerful hold on everyone. Not sure what it is … I’d like to lend a sympathetic ear though - whatever her woes - be it SAD or even writer’s block, heaven forbid.

The evening concluded with ramblings about her famous colleagues at the Iowa School for Creative Writers, their soap opera lives, and of course, the books they’ve written – all of them a must read for our class (ask me for my notes next time). Check out one gem now though, the essay collection, “Kill all your Darlings”, where Luc Sante expounds on the difficulties of cutting out your most beloved lines (these being ‘your darlings’).

This course is pure entertainment. But a goldmine!



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