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Baby Luck 


Meant to call you all day, but too busy. What a night that was, right? Why would she say that to Mark, or to anyone else, for that matter? She’s not one for building self-confidence that we know, and even I hated him for half a minute after he read his piece, but to look him straight in the face and say, just baby luck, was mean. She did say luck and not fuck, I hope. The look of pain on that sweet boy’s face, well, I wanted to pat his head or pat something to make him feel better. But for some reason, I got giddy, nervous giddy, and couldn’t look at you because I would have burst out laughing, or maybe crying. I’m not sure. What torture! Just my luck to have to leave early. Did things get ‘better’ after I left?  

Your comrade -in-intrigue, Sarah.

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