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Do it!

Hi Sarah,

Exactly! That longed-for luxury of extended free time in December was just so short (and stressful with entertaining plans). We'll have to wait until March Break to experience that again. I wonder how it would be if we didn't have to fit our every action into little compartments all the time: 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there: read, walk, workout, meditate … back to marking, back to practicing and of course the bulk of your day is spent at THE JOB. You wonder how we ever fit in our writing classes, choir, friends let alone any semblance of house upkeep or quality time with family! 

About my dilemma (young men vs. older, more seasoned men), we 're mature enough to know the merits of both, you and I. It's true Carlo is very romantic and I appreciate him even more as I become … wiser! Look at you! Now you're on about Markie's father, for god's sake! So where are you coming from? Keep that apartment in mind though and mention it to F. She likes to carry on with classes right through the winter break and Hart House might be closed at that time.

Never read much Margaret Drabble until this year and find her the opposite of minimalists such as Amy Hempel. All this listing she does, of sweet stuff, of birds, of plants, violence: it filled the air: anti-man, anti-woman, anti-prostitute, anti-police, anti-press, and most dangerously, anti-black violence. None of this is condoned much in writing classes. Yes, I do find some of F.'s recommendations quite 60ish like the poetry of Allen Ginsberg or the non-fiction of Lee Gutkind. I bought a copy of beat writer, Joe Brainard’s, “I Remember”, as recommended, and just had to get rid of it. Who needs to hear about Joe’s sexual conquests ad nauseam? So full of himself! I'm learning though! F. is a walking library. I’m excited about the personal essay anthology she recommended by Phillip Lopate … already bought it. Thanks for the Hempel and the Gardam. Hempel’s "In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried" is apparently the perfect miniature!

I’ve got a review of the Lovely Bones for you. We’ll discuss that Novexcel further (will bring the article from the on-line Star.).

The sun is bright, the air is mild, yes, get something uplifting to read! Do it! 


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