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Through the Looking Glass

Sarah, you are never sick!

Just get that itch under control and count your blessings that Dan doesn't have to see you suffer. Men like their women to be well. Really! Get better fast. Class tomorrow won't be the same if you're not there! 

Everyone seems to be where they planned to be this January: daughter Catherine and hubby Kurt are enjoying beach volleyball in Los Cabos (yet another Destination Wedding), my mother-in-law is hooked on Florida and contemplating investing in property, daughter Moira is elated at the fact that holiday festivities have finally come to an end and is working with new zest for her theatre (she called me Muma, a slip of the tongue and improvised on the spot ... that stands for Museum of Motherly Arts). Carlo is seriously contemplating the eating habits of squirrels in winter. 

And I am back at St. Hildegarde's. It’s like nothing ever happened. Well not totally. One of my students has started heavy-duty medication for her sudden manifestation of seizures. Her mother tells me she is mostly zombied and is trying to get used to it. She had great difficulty deciding which pill to take, the one that may cut her lifespan by ten years, the one that might adversely affect her endocrine system or the one that could cause dangerous skin rashes. 

Franca (the student who didn’t show up for her lesson before Christmas) has been put on a regime of low dose Prozac ... as if that will just solve everything. The medical profession these days definitely promotes pill popping when dealing with depression. Talk therapy (psychotherapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) are all so much more trouble and can be costly. Just think of the improved world we’d have if people resorted to some of these alternative, more sensible ways (although I do recognize the benefits of medications in certain instances). She played her Two Part Invention by Bach along with a Glenn Gould CD at her lesson this week. Music will save her. Candy (of phlox house) reminds me of a wise old gnome marching her way to Middle Earth, the way she tromps around the school with that screwed up forehead. There's more than meets the eye.

These days my obsessive curiosity has me googling "libido in the aging female", Cougars ... “older women dating younger men” ... “middle-aged men and andropause and effects on libido”, among other topics of pressing interest. Here I should be visiting shut-ins and I'm thinking that if I have to sit at a window later and reminisce, it better be good.

We need to talk. Hopefully you'll be OK to have a tea after class tomorrow. You know, a heart to heart. 



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