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All the world's a stage  …

Hello Adria,                                       

Sorry I couldn’t meet or even respond to emails this week, but 2010 has begun with The Week From Hell - a bad cold and a case of shingles. I can only hope that I have purged my body of all illness for the rest of the year.

But at least we did meet last Saturday, although our meeting was too short. And no wonder! First, our attempts to find coffee and a quiet place in Hart House took up much of our time. And then The Weirdo/Stalker who seemed to appear out of nowhere, but yet was everywhere, followed by The Mopper, whose job it was to clean the very room we chose and then The Musician (well, we can forgive the Musician). You made the perfect comment – it was as if we were all part of a play. There was something definitely surreal about the whole thing. It’s a wonder we got any work done. And all for naught!  But Francine sounded really sick when I spoke to her. 

Yes! I am definitely up (I hope Mark will be) for Indian food some time this month. 

And you asked why I put an x on xmas? Actually, I’ve never thought of that before, so it’s not insistence, but I guess it is a deliberate sign of irreverence for exactly what you say: The No-Frills-Fake and Frivolous-Christmas. Although on a personal level, I love the traditions and take great care in making Christmas a special event. I’ll try to remember (Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting) to write Christmas, for you. I can’t be spoiling your positive outlook.

The movie, The Lovely Bones, will be out this Friday and I’ll be taking my class to the matinee. Maybe you can join us. I’ll let you know the details.

Jess is back in Berlin (more snow than he has ever seen there) and Dan is in Texas visiting his brother and he also said that the south was quite cool. And I am here at my computer, sneezing and coughing and planning for a few days in the sun for March Break. 

By the way, I went on line to begin the process of retiring, but it is too early yet. They are handling only the retirements that begin in May. But I did attempt it. 

 Blue Sarah 


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