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The Beginning of the End

Hi Adria, 

I already miss our bizarre little writing group! And our eccentric (hugely eccentric) teacher! And her weird assignments! Maybe we should start looking for another course.  

 Giving up the freedom of summer is always hard for me, but going back to school during this perfect weather is painful. And leaving the garden is downright torture. The roses are about to bloom and my arrogant hibiscus is bursting with huge orangey flowers. When I’m sitting having my early morning (mournful) coffee, they seem to stare into the kitchen mocking me. 

 I may have told you that I am thinking of leaving teaching at the end of this year, thus my cavalier subject/title. And the first day reinforced my desire to do so. 

 I’ve already had one incident. As soon as the student walked into the class, her body language put me on Alert Mode. She didn’t look at anyone, she didn’t answer when I said good morning and she didn’t stop texting when I pointed to the sign that reads, No Texting in Class.  Over the next two days, she complained about this and that and got angry when someone sat in her seat, although it is free seating.  By Friday, her complaints grew louder, although we did chat about it being her birthday and about her personality (sic) style etc.  Then I heard her talking into her cell. This assignment is stupid.  I remained calm – after all it was only Day Three. Still calm, I said that that was why the 3U class was more challenging than the 3C.  I’m too smart for College classes, she added, slamming her book shut. I went on. They can be demanding also, but less than the U classes, with less analysis, so you might prefer ... She now mumbled that’s insulting into her phone. This time I pointed to the sign that reads, No Cell Phone Use in Class.  She stood up.  I knew what was coming.  She stomped out of the room, slamming the door behind her.  

I’m sure it was staged. The rest of the students looked at me in surprise. Most of them did not understand how this could happen in an Adult School.  But it does happen and often. All I could do was shrug.  Here we go, I thought.  

So, Adria, as we’ve discussed, even though we have good pensions and benefits, and the itinerants in Private Schools do not, I really don’t think you’d be happy in the Public System.  But let’s keep on chatting about it. 

Have you been practicing lately?  Such luxuries, but still work in a way.  Are you looking forward to getting back to your teaching schedule?

 Have a lovely Sunday.


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