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Good Karma


I'm back. I meant to tell you about my week at school – good news for a change. Well the 12 U students are proving to be more and more amazing. They have finished reading the novel The Lovely Bones (ahead of schedule – a first) and their oral presentations, debates, and critical analyses are worthy of any class I’ve ever had. It’s almost as if fate has sent them to me in my last year, or maybe fate is telling me to unpack my boxes. But my in-the-head-cynic keeps reminding me not to get too sure of myself. Things can change very quickly.

On Friday, we had a guest speaker who gave a workshop on Meditation. I booked him because one of the themes in the novel is Grief: The 7 Stages of Grief, Dealing with Grief, How People Cope etc. I know they have found the read difficult at times in terms of subject matter, as many students have not had happy childhoods or easy lives. So I thought the workshop would do them good and perhaps inspire them. Well, he (Workshop Leader) was so impressed, and so was I. First, there was full attendance at 9 am and then their ability to focus was outstanding. He said it was the best class by far. He also noted the camaraderie and the rapport they had with each other and with me. Good karma, he said. I thought, wow, it takes a perfect stranger to notice and tell me that. In the meantime, our administration doesn’t even know what is going on in our classrooms. After class the students stood around discussing the merits of forgiveness –was it possible to forgive Abigail for abandoning her family? Why would anyone take her back? And I heard bits and pieces about why or why not and a few students spoke about how a parent leaving had affected their lives.

The big talk in class now is The Movie. I had scheduled Dec. 11, but of course, they did their research and they are right, it will not be released until early January. We also did pre-reading about the Montreal Massacre. (FROM CBC ARCHIVES)  

 A gunman confronts 60 engineering students during their class at l'École Polytechnique in Montreal on Dec. 6, 1989. He separates the men from the women and tells the men to leave the classroom, threatening them with his .22-calibre rifle. The enraged man begins a shooting rampage that spreads to three floors and several classrooms, jumping from desk to desk while female students cower below. He roams the corridors yelling, "I want women." 

The novel begins with the main character, Susie Salmon, being killed on Dec. 6,  the same day as the massacre. Surely this was no coincidence.

Then at noon on Friday we attended the ceremony marking the 20th year of the massacre. Two benches were adorned with commemorative plaques at Hart House. One bench will display a plaque about remembrance, while the other will feature a plaque about the importance of action in making change

So it was quite a week for all of us. .

And, I’ll see you at 5 tomorrow. Can’t wait to see how Francine runs the class. She’ll probably have great material on the first night. 

Call me if there are any changes.

Karma-on-my-side Sarah 

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    Response: CV writing
    The novel is great and in my opinion everyone one is eligible for forgiveness. We should inspire children to read novels which will teach them such noble things. Being a human being we must be forgiving and accepting of others as there is karma that will come back to you if ...

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