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Genius and Bliss 

Thank you, Adria.

What a powerful, magical concert that was! I was transported back to the Latin Masses I attended as a child and the rituals that I loved. The young tenor who sang the Pastor parts was superb. Beth and I wondered about singing in German. How much of the language does one need to know? Is it just pure practice that makes one able to sing in a foreign language?  

When I saw you walking to the back of the church, at intermission, I craned my neck to watch. As you approached, he got up and I caught the stance, the closeness, and the looks on both your faces. It was a Casablanca moment. Okay, so I love movie moments or are they life moments captured in movies? No matter. I am eager to hear about your moment with – who else could it be, Francis.  

To answer your question, I have nothing to lose by telling my VP off, but I’ve managed to avoid this kind of useless confrontation in my career. I’m a Libran. I like harmony, peace. Anyhow, she’s backing off these days because she knows that trouble is brewing with the Union: many reports of her bullying ways. As a Department Head, I have a dual role – one to is to support the Administrative Team and the other is to coach and, as I see it, support the teachers in my Department. They (not only in the English Department) frequently ask me to meet and discuss matters and see what can be done. I try to be diplomatic and supportive, but I can’t get sucked into everyone else’s battles with her, so I also have to be, to a certain degree, detached. What I can’t lose sight of are my two large classes and the energy required to do a good job. How ironic that a VP can make the school atmosphere so toxic that the actual act of TEACHING becomes secondary.

See why I love your concerts? Besides the evident talent, genius, passion and bliss, they render school politics insignificant. I read a great line in Rapt - our lives are the sum of what we focus on. It’s nothing new, but I like the power and simplicity of how it’s phrased. 

I am eagerly anticipating our new writing class. What a strange time of year to run a course, when you think of all that goes on in December. Not that this would ever bother Francine. She did say she hated the whole xmas season and she must have the numbers, or else she would have postponed it for sure. It better be fun and stress-free.

The concert at Koerner Hall is on Dec.11, right?  I have been working on my December Calendar. Jessie arrives on the 9th for one day and then off to NYC and LA and Miami. He returns around the 21st. I finish on the 18th and Dan and I go to Ottawa and Montreal that first weekend (family obligations). I booked a room at The Lac Leamy Hilton (just because we wanted to travel at xmas, but with Jesse coming home we can’t, so this is a little two night treat.) It is between Ottawa and Montreal. As Jesse so eloquently put it, “I don’t get it, Ma, you can’t make it to New York so you’re going to Hull!”  

Ah! These young, spoiled world travellers.

Have a restful Sunday. You deserve it.


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