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What the World Needs Now...  

Hi Sarah,

Your VP Bitch must need friends desperately or else she is clueless. You do know that a lot of them choose to become principals because they can then collect a bigger pension (based on best years of work). So what is that telling you? Money rules, or at least, directs. Where is altruism these days? People are in it for the almighty buck.

Hopefully your colleagues who also have Chosen Ones in their classes (sounds like Atwood's Handmaid's Tale ... plenty of chosen ones there) will band together and confront this dame. There's nepotism, favouritism, cronyism and more, all things we are powerless against and as Moira said to me this morning, it's who you know Mom ... today's Star shows 53% of the population makes $10 to $20 per hour!)

 What have you got to lose by telling her off? You’ve got enough sick days to last you till the end of the year (and you are truly packing it in, right?) I know this is not really you though. People fear losing their jobs and this gives those in charge such power. I recall standing up for my rights when I was accused by a higher-up of stealing an extra meal and storing it up for my supper (you know about our wonderful buffets at St. Hildegarde's). I faced her straight on, and wagged my finger in her face (didn't go so far as to give her the finger) and accused her of lying. Now, years later, she is like air to me whenever we happen to meet.

 It's at dinners such as our pre-Christmas celebration last Saturday that one forgets all animosity, becomes grateful for good food, family and peace (for the time being) and puts problems aside. The host and hostess at Thai Pan are trained at creating that Asian ambiance that puts you in a calm space as soon as you walk in the door: yellow Laburnum in pots around our table (artificial, nonetheless...), soft melismatic sighs from the Erhu and bottomless cups of hot ginger tea. Soothing moments in a wild world.

 I guarantee you will be transported at the Christmas Mass concert on Saturday. It’ll be great to have you there ... as always. You can forget your VP and all those school politics and do a time warp thing back to 18th century Leipzig. Try bringing ginger tea in a thermos for the break (maybe add a shot of whatever).

I will need something strong myself if I am to meet Francis.


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    Your Site Name - Journal - What the World Needs Now...
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