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It Doesn’t Seem Possible

Hi Adria,   

While cleaning out my files, I came across the Sept. 13th   email, the one with the story of the student who walked out right at the beginning of the school year. Well here it is a few months later in Quad 2 and she’s back in my class and still walking out. But the difference is that now I know that she is one of the VP’s Chosen Few. This particular VP has never taught anything except ESL in small group settings, so she has very little knowledge of how to handle a difficult student (or several) in regular classes. She invites certain students into her office, listening to their tales of woe and then uses the information to undermine the teachers. 

Here is a clip from a colleague who works at another campus. She is an excellent teacher who enjoys the students and in particular, the more difficult ones. She was so frustrated last week that she went home mid-morning. She has a Chosen One in her class.

She (the VP) stomped in waving a paper at me in front of the whole class. Why did the student get such a low mark, she yelled, indicating the girl who had come in the room with her. I almost told her to go f --- herself, but I managed to stay composed (outwardly) and said that I’d look after it at the end of the day. But she just stood there glaring, so I told the kids to work on their assignment on their own. But then she was called to the office. Small mercies. For the rest of the period I was a complete bitch and I am usually nice to the kids. So I knew I had to get away. Right after the period, I got my stuff together, walked into her office and said I wasn’t feeling well and had to go home.  Her face turned scarlet, but before she opened her mouth, I ran out. I had no way of getting home though, since my lift was only about 3. So I just started walking, but felt so stressed that I took a taxi all the way home.  It cost me twenty-five bucks. How can a teacher do a good job and remain objective, if the VP has her own agendas and  her own rules? It’s immoral and it has to stop. Others have warned me and it’s well known she (the VP) rearranged the whole school schedule to suit the needs of one of her favourites.  It’s inappropriate and totally unfair to the other kids. Sorry for the rant, but as DH you need to know this.

Isn’t this appalling behaviour on the part of an administrator who is supposed to lead by example in a system that professes to espouse Living The Gospel?  

I have started packing my boxes and will look over my options during xmas break. 

With 10 degrees and blue skies, who would know that xmas is little more than a month away. What a bonus!! Yesterday Dan and I did go to the Eaton Centre for my new glasses and then off to an early dinner at Baton Rouge - good food, great service and packed at 5 pm. No recession here. Then off we went to City Hall for the lighting of the tree, but we knew something was wrong: all was too quiet. Suddenly it occurred to me! Of course, the 28th is next week! DUH! We had a good laugh and sauntered home through Chinatown. 

Next week is your concert, but that’s okay. I’d much rather be soothed by Bach’s Mass of Christmas than the bands playing jingle bells at City Hall. Isn’t it strange that when I missed your last concert it was due to school related stress? Plus ca change ... 

Hope your pre-xmas get-together was fun and not too overwhelming, as these events can be at times. Take care and let’s talk soon.


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