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Trick or Treat

Hi Adria, 

Yes, I’d love to see the play. I’m in the mood for murder. Every time I look at my calendar though, I panic. So few free days.

Oh my poor porcupine pumpkins! Did I tell you why we stick sticks all over them? It’s to stop the Pumpkin Thieves. But the irony is that they were both (the pumpkins, that is) gone on Sunday. I thought Dan had taken them away and he thought I had, but it was The Harbord Association who picked them up. You have to come to this little Harbord Street Pumpkin Festival next year. People are asked to donate their carved pumpkins the day after Halloween and set them up on the tables provided between Spadina and Brunswick. At 6 pm all the pumpkins are lit. This year was particularly magical: cool crisp air, a full moon and spectacular carvings. One pumpkin was carved with the face of Ted Kennedy!

Do the kids at Hildegarde celebrate Halloween in a big way? With the most expensive and most creative costumes?

Since our school is a School at Risk, it is on the Food Bank List and for Halloween we receive free boxes of candies, cookies and chocolate bars. But many times last week (and in the past) I heard students complain that the food was not to their liking or it was past the expiry date. So - get this - the leftover items were then put in the staffroom and as the joke goes, put any food, even stale leftovers, on the staffroom table and someone will eat it! But I don’t get it. People even take stuff home. Are teachers starving? I think there’s something really wrong with this picture. You have to wonder about all the oversights and mismanaged funds. 

On to more positive subjects. 

Adria, you have enough material to write 10 books on your Dutch Lives. I was thinking that it might be good to look into Memoir Writing. What do you think? I know I need more structure on collecting data and sorting what I already have. You make a very good point about integrating the memories with the present. Maybe Memoir is the way to go.  

I-Don’t –Get-It -Sarah 


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