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Tears and Santa Claus

Hi Adria, 

Today marks the beginning of the Christmas season for me. Usually I wait until the first of December, but when I saw all the parents, with kids in tow, walking by the house, carrying ladders, even chairs (all types: kitchen/wooden/director/plastic) on their way to marking their spots for the Santa Claus parade, I started thinking about when we first moved to Toronto. Jessie was ten, and maybe we had stood right at the top of this very street to watch the parade (we lived in Mississauga then, where most Montrealers seemed to end up because of affordable housing). Later, as I was walking back from Harbord Bakery, I heard the cheers and I could actually make out the red and white Santa Claus floating by.
It’s not the parade that usually kicks off my season, but the movie, You’ve Got Mail.  I watch it in early December, but this year, I needed to see it today. It’s a romantic comedy, which I normally dislike (doesn’t everyone say that?). The main character (played by Meg Ryan), well ... her mother has died and there is a wonderful (sappy) scene when she is decorating the tree and says, “I was missing my mother so much, it hurt ...” I always cry a little at that part. The first time I saw the film was the year my Mother died and I’ve been watching it, around this time, ever since.  

it’s crazy what happens to the mind under stress as evidenced during Your Traffic Nightmare and Ensuing Death Scenes (with Appropriate Music). I remember doing the same thing, but mostly when I was angry with someone. I’d get even by dying. They’d be sorry.   

Oops there goes the doorbell. 

I’m back. Talk of coincidences/ironies, which happen to us so frequently. It was a young man canvassing for CAMH. Can you believe it? Once again, life is stranger than fiction. 

Loved my visit to St. Hildegarde’s. I have to say that I prefer the outside of the building to the inside, as I thought it would look like Hart House or Trinity. To be fair though, the upgrades and new wings are impressive and I’m sure necessary to keep up with the demands of an international clientele. There certainly is an illusion that all is perfect with absolutely no hint of any troubled girls with demons to fight. 

 Your studio and the marvelous view are exactly how I pictured them. Watching and listening to your little student play was riveting and I’m surprised at how much energy you exert during a lesson. I’ve never thought about teaching piano as physical, but it really is. 

Not sure about making it to the Holly Berry Festival. Such a cutesy name! I’ll let you know ASAP.


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