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Work Awaits

Good morning! 

Blue sky and sunshine always look good even if it is cold. The promised Indian summer, I think.

Exactly on this day, only a few years ago, my dear Mama passed away in Canada’s west. I recall that evening vividly and still see myself standing by the telephone as I was about to leave the house in my choir outfit, prepared to sing our fall concert. When the call came it was not unexpected. I had to leave. I immediately made the sad announcement to my fellow choristers at St. Peter’s. We would sing the concert in memory of my mother. Surely it was her soul I felt drifting toward the heavens during Allegri’s imploring Miserere. I was helping her on her magnificent journey. 

A moment, please …

OK … imparting some brainwave activity to you this morning: the realization that Margaret Atwood's writing is probably just tongue-in-cheek diversion. You know, winking at you the whole time? I always wonder what she herself is thinking when she reads to her faithful followers in that monotone drone of hers. But I don’t mind it.

Alice Munro? A different story altogether. Just started her newest short stories, Too Much Happiness. Dark, at times. Nothing futuristic here. All realism. Maybe a bit of Fear Factor and Twilight Zone combined. She jumps right in, headfirst. By page 17 of Dimensions we know all about Doree and all about her wacko husband. The cover on the back of the book reads: "Welcome to the world of Alice Munro, safely settled inside the gates of Literature". Ahh! Perhaps a touch of Hitchcock here. Has that feel to it.

Glad we decided to postpone your Hildegarde visit and check out writing courses instead. I’ll bring the George Brown and U of T Continuing Ed. calendars. We’ll have to check Ryerson’s on-line. This all reminds me of the first time you and I met at that Humber writing class. Crazy how Francine kept track of me the whole evening and how she was obsessed with my ‘talking’ to others around me. So you slipped me a note instead (like bad students did in the past … today they just talk out loud): “ … and did he?”  You were dying to know the outcome of my involvement with the priest, and whether he would ever abandon the Sacred Heart fathers to marry me! So we were in cahoots right from the start. Meant to be.

I think I’ve managed to actually find a course we could both get excited about. We’ll discuss.

I am feeling slightly more normal but am still recovering from a weekend of non -stop activity. Also slightly fuzzyheaded and a hint of a headache signals it’s time to buffer the immune system. Am taking Advils to school.

Till we meet on Wednesday (your place still OK?),


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