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Of Music and Brawls 


I hope your concert went beautifully.  I‘m sorry I missed it.  It seems our plans have been thwarted this week, first the school visit (hope your foot is better) and then the concert. I love your concerts and should never deprive myself of such genuine opportunities to experience great talent and a few hours of bliss.
 It’s been one of those weeks, chaotic actually. By Friday evening I was comatose, after a major incident during the last period of the week. Someone just flung open the classroom door and yelled: Miss, have you seen the old white guy who can’t speak English. This student is always trying to get a rise out of someone. The teacher he was asking about is a 50 something man of impeccable manners with a gentle East European accent and a professional by all accounts. I forced myself to pause so that I wouldn’t say anything nasty.  Finally I asked:  If someone were looking for you, how do you think he or she might ask? He smirked and was about to spew out one of his gems, no doubt, but then another voice, yelled: Hey Miss, have you seen that dumb black guy around?  At that point I wasn’t sure where the voice was coming from. I just knew it wasn’t mine.  I stood up right away and walked to the door, but it was already too late. The two boys were facing each other and all I heard before the punches started was:  See what it’s like, Delroy?  No one talks about Mr. K. like that. By the time it was sorted out, the police had been called for a second time that day. And so ended another week at Franklin.

But I still have my two great classes and I hate to see them go. This quad is almost over. Didn’t school just begin?  My grade 10 (the ESL class) is still noisy and somewhat immature, but the kids have great personalities and a desire to learn.  Their English is really improving.  I’m putting the finishing touches on the timetable and hope I can switch the 12 U for the11 C so I can teach them for one more quad.  In most schools getting to teach the University classes is a privilege and often only the senior teachers get them.  At my school, no one seems to want those classes. I know the workload is heavier, but I have to hope that that’s s not the reason.

Could you please bring the literature from your concert when you come over on Wed.? It will soothe my soul. 

Battle- fatigued- Sarah

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