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Hoods and Redemption

Hi Sarah,

Ahh! Last night's concert leaves me feeling hopeful about this world (until I read your email ... just kidding). But the major work we sang, it being a Requiem, did leave me with peaceful feelings about the hereafter. The German words, primarily from psalms and the Bible, matched the music so perfectly. Such poetry: patience, comfort and redemption (if you've earned it). “ Ich will euch trösten, wie einen seine Mutter tröstet …As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you …”.  These exquisite lines, sung over and over, began to acquire more and more meaning for me: one long meditation with such an absolutely otherworldly feel to it. What a brilliant composer, Brahms. And to think he walked the streets with the buttons of his coat in the wrong buttonholes, a distracted genius, jeered at by thoughtless boys.

I counted eleven of my faithful supporters at the concert. Standing ovation and five curtain calls. Parked late into the night on Queen St. for post concert party on Crawford.

Tonight I’ll just do nothing. 

Your account of the incident in class last week leaves me cold. How do you put something like that into perspective? But it seems to fit into this pattern of escalating freneticism that I sense just about everywhere. While you were having to deal with this ridiculous male piece of work, invading your classroom, I was most likely in the school library trying to keep my eyes from shutting, (boredom on one of my breaks) half listening to two students having a simultaneous conversation with their laptops (giggle, giggle, oh my gawd, oh my gawd!)  I was trying to read The Year of the Flood (I could no longer bear it after page 170 and decided to return it to the public library). I have never asked you about your actual fear level. I would be so freaked out. These guys are full-grown adults. And then the presence of the police, that’s always unnerving. The only time we would see the police at our school would be for a lockdown practice or for survival exercises in case of a bomb explosion or another unforeseen disaster. 

No wonder you couldn’t make it to the Brahms last night although it may have offered you the same hope it gave me on so many levels.

There's always a next time.


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five curtain calls!!! wow! i don't remember ever attending a concert that got that.
must have been thrilling.
i'd sure like to hear that choir!

November 29, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterferdinanda van gennip

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